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Aerobic Antidote

Exercise causes a more efficient breakdown and metabolizing of cells....(more)

The Reliability and Need for Getting Pap Smears After Menopause

Women in their reproductive years are used to an annual Pap smear at the gynecologist's office. However, after menopause, while you need to take tests like mammograms more frequently, it is less clear how often you need a Pap smear. Learn about the medically accepted recommendations for getting a Pap smear after menopause....(more)

Requirements to Donate to Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a nonprofit charity organization that accepts donated hair used to make custom hair pieces. These incredibly lifelike hair pieces are custom-made for financially disadvantaged children and young adults with medical conditions that cause hair loss. The following are requirements to donate to Locks of Love....(more)

Farah Fawcett's Cancer Struggle

When a celebrity struggles with cancer, it gets the word out about different kinds of cancer and helps people with cancer feel less alone. Anal cancer is one of the rarest kinds of cancer, so when a famous person is diagnosed, it sheds light on an issue that might otherwise have been ignored. Farrah Fawcett's cancer struggle brought this rare kind of cancer to the forefront of many people's minds....(more)


Engaging in exercise could prevent prostate cancer.

There are several periodicals published detailing the positive benefits that exercise provides cancer patients. While it is unknown exactly why or how this occurs, the studies provide evidence that it does benefit people before, during and after cancer. ...(more)

Types of Cancer Treatment

Let's take a look at a brief overview of some of the types of procedures that are used to aid someone diagnosed with cancer. ...(more)

Pharmaceutical Promise

There is an abundance of recent developments from the medical world in regards to progress being made with alternative medications and methods in the war against cancer. Some countermeasures originally only used for treatment, are now being considered as a preventative measure as well. ...(more)


Information About Donating Blood After You Survive Cancer

The regulations that govern donating blood after cancer are designed to protect both the donor and the recipient. Additionally, different blood collection organizations have slightly different guidelines for allowing cancer survivors to donate. These vary according to geography, the ethnic makeup of the surrounding population and certain types of cancer. Large blood collection centers, such as the American Red Cross for example, allow most survivors to donate if the cancer was treated between one and five years prior to donating and if the cancer has not recurred....(more)

Anal Cancer Survivor Resources

Coping with life after anal cancer is daunting to survivors. Luckily, there are anal cancer survivor resources that help survivors, friends and family learn coping skills and inform themselves about living in remission. The more information you have about anal cancer, the more information you acquire about living cancer free and respecting the hardest part of the process, which is staying physically and emotionally well....(more)

Groups for Breast Cancer Survivors in Houston

It is challenging to try to connect with people who have never gone through the experience of having breast cancer. When you overcome the battle, and your cancer is in remission, the fight is hardly over. Surviving cancer has its own set of challenges that only breast cancer survivors understand....(more)

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